Belmonte Calabro, an ancient villages of medieval time, is situated on the Tyrrhenian Coast of Calabria and it is part of a territorial area that includes other nine towns, Amantea being the epicenter. It is easily reached because it is along the SS 18 SALERNO – REGGIO CALABRIA,  a few kms. from the international airport of Lamezia Terme and from the highway interchange of Falerna; it is also possible to reach it by train, directly to Belmonte Calabro, or Amantea, only 3 kms away.

The town, founded in the XIII century by the Angioini’s  as a fortification in the territory of Amantea, has obtained a notable importance in the past, all the more that a Principality under the Lordships of Ravaschieri, Pinelli and then Pignatelli and his princes also had the right to coinage.

It has been the homeland of numerous illustrious personages, from the Capuchin Father Giacinto from Belmonte to the Fascist Party Official Michele Bianchi whose tomb, situated on a hill, can be easily seen from the motorway, is the destination of tour operators because of its historical importance.

Today in Belmonte, it is possible to appreciate the beauty of this ancient village, where one can take wonderful walks through alleys and lanes, enjoy a splendid panorama of the entire coast or take boat trips on the WWF Natural Reserve “ Scogli di Isca”.

For all those who want to enjoy the rites of the rural traditions, in the nearby countryside, homemade bread and preserves for the winter, wine and tasty homemade sausages are still prepared and the farmers are more than willing to explain  the care and skill put in on cultivating the Belmonte tomatoes, a Denomination of a Protected Origin product. (www.comunedibelmontecalabro.cs.it ).

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